Blogpost 1 – third revision

Communication can come in a variety of forms and often used as a tool for expression. This can be applied in our daily lives, be it communicating with family or strangers. Through learning about communication, I feel that my strength in communication lies within the ability to express myself succinctly. This can be credited to working in sales related jobs for the bulk of my part time working life. As a salesperson, I needed to know my products well and to market it to potential buyers. The secret of the trade is to convince your consumers to think they need a certain product even if they don’t really want it. That is the beauty of having good communication skills in sales.

Another strength I possess is the knowledge to write persuasively. Having a good command of vocabulary certainly helps a great deal with my essay and letter writing. This skill set is utilized to great effect when I am required to communicate with corporations to achieve my objectives. Often, this helped me a great deal when I must achieve certain objectives from a company or even giving feedback with regards to corporation’s’ operations through electronic mail. Continuous improvement of my communication skills through communicating with experienced professionals allows me a higher bargaining and negotiation power.

However, the path to obtaining good communication skills does present its own set of challenges at the very beginning. One such challenge I found was having to phrase thoughts in a way that will not offend the recipient. Many times, we as communicators fail to consider the feelings of those we are trying to communicate with. As a result, our words may unintentionally hurt the other party through misunderstandings.

One other challenge will be my lack of experience in a certain field, placing me at a disadvantage when communicating with others. Experience cannot be bought or learnt quickly. It is the result of a long process whereby people learn appropriate responses to situations through examples and failure. Cultural difference is one such example where I must learn to be sensitive towards others from different backgrounds.

Finally, the two objectives I have set for myself are to learn to communicate without causing unintentional offense, as well as to communicate well in a context without going off topic. These are useful skills to have and will be the best intended result for me to be an all rounded communicator.


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